Custom-made solid wood furniture | why must makeup?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-26
Abstract: solid wood furniture production need makeup, raw materials are all specification, but are relatively rough, all wood square before makeup need flat plane, after today we can talk about why the makeup? Before the puzzle, we must first understand a problem: & other; Why do you want to makeup? ” Usually, we in the width of a piece of wood co. , LTD. , cannot be made into chairs or table, make use of two or more blocks of wood split. Maybe someone will think only low-end furniture USES the makeup process, after the makeup of lumber are worthless. However, this is not the case. Even the most noble annatto furniture also will use handmade craft, handmade craft in annatto furniture not only widespread, and it is very important; Even with & other; At the materials & throughout; Furniture of Ming and qing dynasties, are not entirely & other; The sole plate & throughout; , makeup still accounts for a large proportion, the reason is, annatto is based is not easy, aniseed is rare. And now the wood raw material procurement cost, custom-made solid wood dining room furniture customers don't want to spend too much cost to order the furniture.
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