Custom-made KTV sofa booth?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-30
The people often go to KTV for box to display the booth sofa must not unfamiliar, this is the most important furniture in the KTV, so KTV booth how to customize the sofa? Today we are together to get to know the KTV sofa booth. Type 1, luxury KTV booth booth type sofa luxury KTV sofa basically is the European classical style design, the skeleton of sofa parts made of high-grade solid wood surface with delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork craft, soft package system. Type of luxury KTV booth want to highlight in the sofa design concept is not high, but the honourable, even give people a feeling of gorgeousness. This kind of sofa appearance luxury atmosphere not only, and than the average booth sofa sits feeling more comfortable. But because of the high production costs tend to be mostly used only for high-grade club and KTV luxury boxes. Compared to 2 booth, middle-grade KTV sofa booth new luxury KTV sofa, the middle-grade KTV booth is one of the most common use, can meet the using performance of the KTV, also can rise the good adornment result. Compared with luxury KTV booth, the booth sofa a lot cheaper price, to the KTV in scope to use. While intermediate levels of KTV booth design and decoration, and even less comfortable than a booth, but the production process requirement of the sofa itself degree is high. Pay more attention to practical, mid-range KTBV booth sofa whole body streamline design, use the booth of the KTV, cushion is spring used in the package, and foot massage, sauna industry use of them use more super soft sofa spring package, both around the perimeter of the spring package use rubber cushion flat, and spring package also above in 2 cm thick hard sponge paving, the top will continue to add 2 cm thick Fried soft sponge, high elastic cotton. Such KTV 'seats not only look beautiful and smooth, and comfortable, a long time with no deformation. 3, booth reingistic KTV sofa booth this KTV sofa won't be in the upscale office use, although it is comfort is better than a booth, or even longer service life, but poor beautiful sex. In some requirements are not too high a KTV and clubs that commonly use this booth reingistic KTV sofa.
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