Compared with sofa, chair, sofa booth what are the advantages

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-19
Why now more and more restaurants use booth sofa, and eliminated the original sofa and dining chair? Original booth design was combined with common sofa and sofa chair of the specific, is for a reform of dining-room the visitors and upgrade. Let's take a look at booth in comparison with the advantages of common sofa and dining chair sofa! 1, booth higher space utilization of the sofa if you look closely at the restaurant you will find the booth in sofa, although it looks great, but because of its classic L shape, so it takes up the space is not ordinary chair. Compared with common sofa, used in the restaurant booth sofa without reducing the sofa comfort at the same time, improves the space utilization of the restaurant. 2, booth a sofa comfort higher booth the first sense that gives a person is concise, capacious, booth sofa can bring people comfortable sit feeling to the extreme, not only in terms of comfort is far higher than the eat chair, also due to the common sofa. This is also a growing number of restaurants, and other places of business, public places, is also a booth agitation of the important reasons. 3, easy booth sofa collocation today, booth sofa is no longer confined to the use of commercial restaurants, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, now widely used in public places, family restaurant and porch booth sofa, which in addition to the booth sofa has higher space utilization and superior comfort, but also for booth easier and any space for the sofas and matching, is never out of season, also won't produce acosmia move and space decoration. 4, easy booth sofa subsequent processing booth sofa if damaged, usually because of fabrics and soft package is damaged, or is part of the framework board damaged. So the booth at the hands of the sofa is still has a great recovery value, there are a lot of second-hand sofa booth recycling businesses. So after purchasing sofa booth, subsequent processing is simple.
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