Choose the restaurant tables and chairs several tips!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-10
Western restaurant tables and chairs is both decoration and equipment; When the choose and buy should not only consider the aesthetics and the overall decoration effect, consider the use performance and service life of it. Then choose western restaurant tables and chairs for you on a few tips! Appearance: western restaurant tables and chairs have few design heavy and complicated, even the Europe type style restaurant tables and chairs, also is Jane Europe and Europe type restoring ancient ways is given priority to, jump out in design & other; Simple & throughout; The word. This is in order to adapt to the modern western restaurant survival environment to consider. Contracted design wind can meet the vast majority of consumer preferences, can also meet the needs of western restaurant for tables and chairs, kill two birds with one stone. Quality: the quality of the restaurant tables and chairs are the main factors affecting its service life even to use a function. Western restaurant tables and chairs including processing quality and the quality of the two kinds of material quality. Processing quality is to point to: the design of the restaurant tables and chairs is in line with the principle of mechanics, whether accord with human body engineering design; Material quality is to point to: western restaurant use material is superior, the various components such as framework material strength and toughness, filled a sponge and resilience, fabric abrasion resistance and skin resistance, etc. For western restaurant furniture of choose and buy, especially easy to ignore the points, then we particularly introduced: 1, the moisture content of real wood restaurant attention problems. Keep the wood real wood restaurant tables and chairs on the material of all kinds of natural features, if moisture content is not up to standard, it is easy to appear the phenomenon such as deformation, case become warped, craze. 2, paint sexual problems. Now comes to desk and chair of furniture, you first think of is formaldehyde. In fact is not the only pollutants furniture formaldehyde, and other volatile substances, such as benzene, etc. Formaldehyde is mainly in the man-made board glue, and while benzene brought from the paint when necessary. So when you focus on plank of sex at the same time, don't forget to paint.
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