Chair of table of classical Chinese style and officer hat decoration!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-29
Chair of table of classical Chinese style and officer hat decoration! The shape of the dining room is diversiform, have a square; A rectangle. Octagonal. Round in shape. Carvings content diversity, rich and colorful meanings, the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns can be found in flower board, what ferro ShouXi; All the best, and so on. Reasonable geometry shape puzzle, graceful, produce a variety of aesthetic. Special four rectangular together, forming a complete pattern, ornament is a kind of elegant. A fetish for Taiwan, in ancient times most large is three to four metres long, set on the ancestors of a god, worship at the feast the incense offerings. This also no wonder, the Chinese people is always has the virtue of filial piety. A long narrow table feet plastic is diversiform, have water chestnut; Roll the shape such as grain, mesa have become warped head first two kinds of peace. In contemporary household, the space is little, some house majority will change specification is small, has a style of porch, water table top decoration decoration, foil a harmonious; A solemn atmosphere. Screen screen production variety, have blocked screen; Solid wood carve patterns or designs on woodwork; Jigsaw boards, and black colour screen, hand painted flowers and plants; Character; Auspicious patterns such as paint, color is strong, and supplement. Modern hotel restaurant interval; The sitting room decoration such as interval. More pastoral scenery of the quiet and elegant. Light calligraphy and painting of modern electric light in ancient times there is no, modern household with it better. Reasonable lamplight illuminate, those classical elements full of life, let a person spirit, reflect a kind of warmth. Romantic mood. A calligraphy and painting, there are also elegant atmosphere of the family, Chinese calligraphy, so to speak less and less, instead just computer typing words more and more. Round-backed armchair officer cap chair of the entire Chinese style decoration plays an important role, is the representative work of bright type furniture. Reasonable shape, line is concise. Straight today for modern people. Despite the complexity of factors, it is Chinese style decoration, often these chair plays an important role. Officer cap chair is divided into: four government-owned cap chair; South officer cap chair. Honest; Composed by yet. Suits the crowd character composed, like the Chinese traditional culture. Chinese style style need to pay attention to place: as long as the play the appropriateness of various building materials, even if is the use of modern building materials such as glass, metal, can behave Chinese style style.
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