Can be used to maintain dining room supplies

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-24
Maintain and clean restaurant tables and chairs are not specialized in cleaner, actually a lot of daily necessities to the dining room will have better maintenance effect. Small make up today to introduce you to several can be used to maintain dining room supplies! 1, milk milk in life USES a very wide range, in addition to drinking and skin care, milk can also be used for furniture and maintenance. Especially just bought milk restaurant tables and chairs, usually because of man-made board, or sometimes because the paint smell. Restaurant at that time to buy new tables and chairs intensive put inside a small confined space, a pot of boiling milk is placed within the confined space, so that after the milk cooling, bought new restaurant tables and chairs with the smell will disappear. 2, the vinegar love beautiful girl must know, vinegar can be used to remove freckles, this is because the vinegar contains trace amounts of acetic acid, maintenance of skin could play a role. In fact, the vinegar in addition to can be used to whiten the skin, can also be used to whiten the furniture. Many restaurant tables and chairs with will lose its luster after a period of time, this is because it is in use process with air in the REDOX reaction, and dip in with soft cloth after diluted vinegar is wiped, dining tables and chairs from the surface of the stain and originally dark layer will be washed off, later after waxing polishing the restaurant tables and chairs can restore luster. 3, toothpaste for restaurant tables and chairs, toothpaste can achieve the whitening effect. Especially some white design restaurant tables and chairs, use a long time will become yellow, then use the toothpaste ( No particles of toothpaste) After touching water gently wipe the surface of the dining room, can recover white let dining-room table and chair. 4 front several restaurants, glycerin pay attention to daily maintenance and cleaning products we all heard of it. But do you know how to clean glycerin restaurant tables and chairs? Method is very simple, at the time of cleaning restaurant tables and chairs, it is ok to add a few drops of glycerol in the water, it makes the restaurant tables and chairs clean cleaner.
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