Cafe 'seats sofa daily cleaning

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-23
Coffee shop is different from general food facilities, it is both a cafe, or leisure clubs. In China, the cafe was marked by & other; Style, elegant & throughout; The label. All this requires coffee shops need to be better maintenance. Small make up to bring you today is the cafe 'seats sofa main points of the daily clean! Before this, first to introduce you to clean the cafe: (booth sofa need to use tools 1) The vacuum cleaner. ( 2) Sofa brush. ( 3) High temperature cleaning machine; ( 4) Spray; ( 5) Sauna machine; ( 6) Suction machine; ( 7) Professional cleaners. Cleaning methods: step 1: use clean booth special vacuum cleaner to vacuum the cafes sofa sofa. Remember, some coffee shops like to use a feather duster dusting, but this method is not only dust removal is not complete, and easy to damage the surface of sofa, more importantly this approach would put the sofa in the dust, dust air, and the other on the coffee table and chairs, so is not recommended. Step 2: in the first step after the initial dust removal process, you need to be further booth sofa cleaning job. In this process, we need to use detergent. Speak diluted detergent import spray, spray to the surface of sofa, then react with cleaner can make besmirch, wait for a few minutes. Step 3: it's like taking our normal laundry detergent soaked clothes, a few minutes later, cleaners and stain reaction is completed, we will need to use high temperature cleaning machine for coffee shop booth sofa repeated smoke wash a back and forth, and then use the sauna machine for further smoke wash a booth sofa. Step 4: smoke wash a check after the completion of the cafe 'seats sofa whether still have stubborn stains, if not, then on to the next step, use the booth after the suction machine will smoke wash a residual moisture blot on sofa, then use the dryer to dry the cafe' seats sofa. After cleaning at this time you will find the booth new sofa sofa and no difference. , of course, if found stain booth sofa still residue after wetted, so long need to repeat the step, until all the stains disappear.
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