Buy online booth sofa can't ignore these problems!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-05
As twenty years' experience veteran booth sofa manufacturers, every day there are a lot of online customer consultation booth the procurement of sofa. And buy booth sofa on the net, many consumers have ignored the following several problems, eventually with manufacturer opinions diverge. 1, booth mass customization of freight problem booth sofa sofa is different from general goods, had taobao shopping experience knows, general product a lot of mail, but booth this sofa go logistics products is impossible to pack mail. Because customers near and far, the freight difference is very big, if the freight on the head of the average equivalent to every consumer in the form of price increases to achieve bag mail, so for those who are not fair distance closer to consumers, especially in the customer's bulk purchasing. So whether taobao shops, or corporate website, booth, sofa products prices are naked, there is no price and freight. So if customers want to buy booth sofa products, in addition to the sofa itself procurement cost, another also need a freight budget. Dongguan local customers, of course, the batch purchase, can provide door-to-door delivery, and the unloading and installation services. 2, booth a sofa production process batch purchasing booth, if simply, receiving, believes that many consumers are not reassured. Because booth the production process of sofa or a lot of, any process related to the quality problem of the booth sofa, and a lot of problems are hidden, will not immediately exposed, but gets stuck in the sofa to use after a period of time to emerge. So batch purchasing sofa booth must to the factory on-the-spot investigation, supervision, inspection booth sofa production each and every one of the important processes. 3, booth booth sofa sofa after-sales problem had longer service life, so during this time, there is something wrong with booth sofa? Of course, is to find solution. And this is related to the sofa booth after-sales service. So, must be clearly identified in the contract of purchasing booth sofa manufacturer needs to provide after-sales service.
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