Booth wooden sofa process requirement

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-26
Booth wooden sofa is the most important part of the sofa, it formed the basis of sofa booth structure. Qualified booth sofa has strict requirements on quality of wooden frame structure. 1, the first is the connection of wooden frame, mortise and tenon joint and hardware connection in two ways, mortise and tenon joint connection to precise and stable structure can not shake. If it is a hardware connection, so pay attention to the nails don't have any bump, not a floating nail. 2, customized booth sofa are made by design department drawings, after dismantling the single production to production parts. Worn parts must be in strict accordance with the size of the booth sofa drawing size production. 3, not all wood can be used to make wooden sofa, sofa booth include wood must have a certain hardness and toughness. But because it is the internal structure, so the sofa include wood is beautiful degree is not important. A lot of sofa booth include material is rubber wood such as low hardness material. 4, booth wooden sofa is the basis of the modelling of sofa, so the booth wooden sofa modelling must be accurate, or made booth sofa will be very different from design drawing. Of particular note is the wooden frame Angle and tilt Angle, must be strictly implemented according to the design requirements. 5, booth the trampoline is a part of sofa include of sofa, usually are fixed on the gallows. And it is important to note, especially spring fixed method. Now the booth of sofa trampoline are basically made from serpentine spring and bandage interaction compiling. The attention point is the quality of the spring, bandages, and bundle method, must be bundled separately from eight directions, so as to guarantee the trampoline was deformation. 6, booth sofa feet are generally not as individual parts are fixed, and in addition to the quality of the sofa feet itself, for fixed sofa feet using screws and double teeth screw also have high requirements, this designer is on the sofa booth there will be noted on the design drawing, it needs to be production strictly in accordance with the requirements. 7, don't assume that solid wooden sofa booth will not need to use glue, in fact the sofa sponge, spray adhesive cotton and cotton opening are need to use glue to glue, need to be smooth, uniform, no creases.
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