Booth wooden sofa design process

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-20
Booth sofa design, the most important factor in determining the quality of its products is the wooden frame design of sofa. Because the booth of wooden frame is damaged, sofa is completely discarded. And if only fabrics and packing damage, you just need to renovation repair. Today to bring you the wooden frame is booth sofa design process, to let you know more about quality booth wooden sofa design. 1, the first is the size, the size of the booth wooden sofa design must be in strict accordance with the customer to confirm design drawings to production. 2, booth wooden sofa material has high requirements to the strength and toughness, and in some place of the wooden frame must also use wood reinforcement reinforcement. 3, booth is worn when using the wooden sofa need to grasp the inclination of the wooden frame and point of view, in accordance with the requirement of production. 4, general soft package part of the booth sofa are coiled spring and the bandage of double combination design, including spring should be properly fixed, law has strict requirements of bandages. In this way can we achieve the desired comfort and flexibility. 5, booth sofa sofa feet is a separate parts, general is to use hardware connection ( Screw/double teeth screw) , booth is sofa sofa feet high load bearing part, using the hardware must be has the characteristics of high strength. 6, booth sofa production process will be used to glue, used to refer to a fixed sponge, spray adhesive cotton and cotton opening. Glue must have the characteristics of environmental protection, but also to ensure filling even and smooth. 7, fixed booth sofa USES the gun nails must be straight, such ability can have beautiful sex and security, not a floating nail. 8, booth of the sofa there is solid wooden frame and wooden plate holder. If is plate is worn booth, booth sofa on the strength of the plate with a certain requirements. If it is solid wood sofa booth, besides must be hardwood production, wood must undergo fumigation processing before use.
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