Booth the quality detection of sofa

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-27
High-end restaurants, and even many fast food restaurants have changed his chair for the booth sofa, it is not only beautiful atmosphere, and sit feels comfortable, space utilization high. The booth sofa manufacturers on the market has a lot of, booth sofa design is more diverse. Which style sofa booth are of good quality? Ordinary customers to judgment. Small make up today for you to share a booth sofa quality related knowledge. 1, comfort, detection is more soft, more comfortable, some people think that sofa and customers when purchasing booth sofa like sofa filling is high rebound sponge cushion, they think that the two are mutually exclusive. In fact, really good quality booth sofa need to be soft hard moderate, make sofa booth when often need to use a variety of different density sponge, and fillers, perfect fit for various parts of the body, give a person with the most comfortable seating. The high-grade sofa booth on the market, for example, can use its underlying trampoline, upper joint high rebound sponge, upper high rebound sponge and then use a layer of soft hard moderate density sponge, the surface will fill a layer of down and feather. The booth not only feel comfortable sofa, sit feels soft, and high rebound, not deformation, can provide effective support to the human body. 2, the standard for the inspection booth sofa elastic resilience, but customers in the booth sofa of choose and buy of sofa back stretch is difficult to have a standard measurement. So can only through the booth of the sofa raw materials and some tests to roughly how judge booth sofa elastic. Standard booth sofa cushion should be used more than 30 kg/m3 density of high rebound sponge, sofa cushion for leaning on the underlying filling sponge density can not be less than 25 kg/m3. This is the key to guarantee the booth sofa elastic. For booth sofa elastic detection method for: normal weight people sit down after the sag of not more than 10 cm, and back to recover within 3 seconds.
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