Booth sofa structure analysis

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-29
Enemy and know yourself, can buy a good product. Buy booth sofa, of course, must have detailed knowledge of its structure. Small make up today to bring you the booth the profile of sofa, in the most intuitive perspective structure analytic booth sofa for you. We are still from booth sofa skeleton, fills in the sponge spring, surface facing three parts to parse the structure of the booth sofa, respectively. 1, booth sofa skeleton from the top of the booth sofa we can distinguish carefully in the profile, booth sofa skeleton is made up of solid wood frame, parallel network, composite splint in three parts. Wood frame: this is the basis of the sofa booth structure, and is the most important part of the frame, frame quality determines the booth the bearing quality and service life of sofa. Now used in the production of solid wood frame with each booth sofa factory is hard miscellaneous wood, including eucalyptus wood is the best. Hard miscellaneous wood after fumigation, dehydration processing production booth sofa framework with material stability, the advantages of good bearing, corrosion insect-resistant. Composite splint: include the booth of completely real wood sofa clamp part will not use composite panels, but will use solid wood plywood. This will improve the booth sofa environmental protection, but would increase the cost of booth sofa production, increasing the weight of booth sofa. 2, booth sofa internal filling booth sofa internal padding can can be roughly divided into and the spring pad, sponge part of sponge, many clients have misunderstandings. Trampoline: now most booth sofa manufacturer use trampoline are interact with the bandage tied by a coiled spring, has the very good resistance to pressure, and out of shape not easily. Booth sofa trampoline bound method however, is technological requirements, typically by return. Sponge: in many people mind, good quality gets stuck with a high rebound sponge sofa, actually this is a misunderstanding of booth sofa quality standards. Through graphic above we can see, in the process of making sofa booth need to use a variety of sponge, and high rebound sponge is just one of them. The cushion of the sofa production booth, from bottom to top respectively to use stereotypes, the density of two layers of sponge sponge, soft, high rebound sponge sponge. While booth sofa to need to use the soft sponge and high rebound sponge, respectively. Thus, high rebound sponge and other the difference only lies in the use characteristic of the sponge, in the process of making them sofa, each sponge is indispensable. 3, the division of booth fabric paper art, cloth art sofa is only for the divisions of a basic booth sofa fabric, because whether it's art booth sofa leather or cloth art sofa booth, it has more than ten kinds of common material, the fabric made of different materials, leather properties are different.
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