Booth sofa quality requirements

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-24
Booth sofa is becoming more and more widely, the scope of application of many businesses are purchasing booth as a commercial furniture sofa. Small make up remind you that before purchasing sofa booth, figuring out best booth sofa must possess some quality requirements, as a standard of choose and buy, so you can choose the ideal booth sofa products. 1, cliches, first to introduce the size of the booth sofa problem! ! ! ! See a lot of manufacturers' booth sofa, also compared the different styles, different booth design style sofa, small make up after found, in fact, each booth sofa basically is pretty much the same on size design ( Except one-seater booth) 。 One of the most common is single side, double the size of the booth sofa booth sofa, its regular size for: deep bridge width * * height: 120 cm * 60 cm * 110 cm, in general, different manufacturer production booth sofa although there will be differences in size, but the deviation generally not more than 10 cm, such differences affect usability booth sofa basic is negligible. 2, booth, the structure and design of sofa, the focus of today! ( 1) Begin with booth sofa fabric on! ! ! ! Booth are mostly paper art review and sofa, booth commonly used leather sofa leather and XiPi two kinds, and if the fabric on the market is in the majority with cotton and linen fabrics' seats sofa. ( 2) Is one of the important material guarantee booth sofa comfort sponge, sponge is mainly used for surface and armrest, back of a chair. The cushion of the sofa booth filling sponge density of 35 ~ 40 commonly, the armrest surface filling density sponge was small ( Arm force is small, use lower density sponge more comfortable) , generally is 30 ~ 35. ( 3) There are many people mistakenly believe that the sponge cushion of the sofa booth is the main material of elastic, in fact this is not the case! Sponge plays the main role is cushion. To ensure that the cushion of the sofa booth elastic important material is actually the trampoline. Under the modern technology, most of the booth sofa manufacturer of trampoline are made by powerful bandages, coil spring, and hook spring preparation. The trampoline can very good guarantee the cushion of the sofa booth elasticity for a long period of time, and not out of shape. About the booth on the sofa in the design and production quality process requirement, is introduced here today, if you need to learn more, welcome and small make up to further discuss!
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