Booth sofa design principles!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
Booth sofa now is very popular in domestic, many businesses and have used it in public places, especially in the restaurant, it can be seen almost all modern high-end restaurant. Today to bring you the booth design principles, sofa booth allows you to select a better understanding of the characteristics of its sofa. 1, accord with human body engineering design, a lot of furniture are mentioned when design accord with human body engineering design, so what is accord with human body engineering design? Easy to say! Booth sofa is a kind of the visitors, the nature of its biggest role is to make people comfortable rest. So, the so-called human engineering design is for a person with the most comfortable feeling. For example: booth sofa in the restaurant is in order to facilitate people to have a meal, then gets stuck difference in height between the sofa and the table to the right, too high or low will make people uncomfortable, the most suitable height difference design, this is human body engineering design. And booth sofa sitting height, is too high, human feet dangling, this is not a comfortable sitting posture, too short, can let a leg extension does not open, the appropriate sitting height design is also a kind of ergonomic design. In addition to the Angle between the back of a chair with cushion, sofa booth material problem, and so on. Human body engineering design requirement for booth sofa is involved in all aspects of the booth. 2, satisfy the customer demand principle booth sofa usually require manufacturers to customize, and every customer is different to the requirement of booth sofa, it is not only the aesthetic and different requirements for each customer, but also for each customer purchase booth after sofa in the use of different space. And different space for booth sofa design requirements is not the same. Let sofa booth 100 conform to conform to the requirements, and this is customized booth sofa design of one of the important principles, the principle of reasonable utilization of resources that are all the furniture in the design to follow the principle of one. For manufacturers, reasonable use of resources can effectively reduce the booth sofa production costs, so that the booth sofa manufacturer to gain greater profit space, and take advantage of the market price. And for the booth sofa purchasing, this will reduce the booth sofa purchase price, reduce the purchasing cost.
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