Booth sofa daily cleaning method

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Although booth sofa has the incomparable virtues than the eat chair, but the purchase price is much higher than that of the general restaurant visitors. Do daily maintenance and cleaning can effectively prolong the service life of sofa booth, thereby reducing booth sofa at ordinary times the cost. Below small make up to introduce you to booth daily cleaning method of the sofa! 1, paper art sofa booth cleaning method has a lot of people like to use the characteristics of waterproof leather with water when cleaning skin art sofa booth is wiped. But this against booth sofa maintenance but, know a lot of kinds of leather are not often touch water, otherwise easy to harden, or black. So clean paper art sofa booth need to use cotton + professional cleaning liquid, the other if booth with gray sofa is not much, also can use a vacuum cleaner to clean. In addition to the daily cleaning, in order to guarantee the service life of sofa booth, paper art booth sofa also note the following points: (in use process 1) Ensure the use of paper art booth sofa with a ventilation environment, because too dry or wet environment will accelerate the aging of leather, and not for a long time the air flow will also to generate a lot of bacteria, paper art sofa booth adverse to health. ( 2) Paper art sofa booth most avoid direct sunlight, which can result in leather fade, and rapid aging. So regardless of paper art booth sofa is put in the restaurant or other places, is to pay attention to put way, and they all need to have the curtain shade. ( 3) Air conditioning wind, either hot or cold air will lead to skin art booth sofa leather harden, so don't blow the air conditioning can directly booth sofa to place. And air conditioning directly to the guest is also not conducive to healthy and dining experience. ( 4) Summer to sweat, that need restaurant has enough air conditioners to adjust indoor temperature. In addition, leather can absorb sweat pore, when perspiration and leather produce peculiar smell. So after the guests left hurriedly with a clean cloth to wipe clean. 2, cloth art sofa booth cleaning method is general, cloth art sofa booth if just touching the dust, then wipe with a clean towel or vacuum cleaner is ok ( Can't use a wet towel, water dust will be glued to the cloth) 。 If the stain is obvious, that is until the restaurant closed at night to cloth art sofa booth put on the new sofa cover, old sofa set to clean clean, the air is basked in.
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