Booth sofa custom regular size

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
Booth sofa was first appeared in the western restaurant, it is the traditional sofa and chairs together, derived the visitors a more comfortable and beautiful. Booth sofa since the advent, has won the general consumer's affection, it use place already is not limited to the restaurant, now in the streets of China, the catering entertainment venues, hotels, and even some booth sofa can be seen in public places. The emergence of this situation and booth sofa custom about the relationship between the rapid development of industry. Booth sofa itself has the very strong practical function, and customized booth sofa will be the applicability of expansion to the point of a mass. Such as a restaurant booth sofa need what kind of shape and size of design, booth and KTV sofa require another kind of shape and size design. About the booth of the sofa modelling, have single booth sofa, double booth sofa, arc booth sofa, u-shaped booth sofa, semicircle booth sofa, according to the use of different places, the customer can choose the suitable model. Small make up today for you to focus on the issues of booth sofa, customized size. Next we take single booth sofa for your explanation of its custom size problem: 1, the number of different seat sofa booth, its size difference is only in width, and height of the sofa and deep is no different. In general, the booth of the sofa sitting height is 400 - roughly 450毫米; Backrest height is 850 - 1000毫米; A deep size is 600 - 650mm。 2, about the booth of the width of the sofa. Because of the number of different, need width are also different. Double booth, therefore, generally in the 1000 - seat width size of the sofa 1200 mm between, three people a booth sofa seat width size is 1500 - 1800mm。 , of course, the size of the above only represents a general situation, in the process of concrete booth sofa custom there may be some deviation, this does not affect the use of the booth of sofa. And the demanders of booth sofa can also according to own actual restaurant space size and layout to the factory request custom size.
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