Booth reasonable collocation skill sofa and restaurant

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-02
Booth frequency is more and more frequently used in the sofa in the restaurant business, while its itself constitutes the dining-room whole decorate with table is important one annulus. Small make up for you today on booth reasonable collocation skill sofa and restaurant. 1, if internally, daylighting is very good, capacious and bright and clean restaurant, suitable for custom make the wooden frame, leather sofa booth. Sofa color appropriate USES bright color, had better be pure color design, choose a variety of color match together. So the whole restaurant look lively fashion, especially for young people as the main consumers of the restaurant. Such as the large area USES glass restaurant street, is very suitable for this kind of light fashionable sofa booth. 2, black and white has always been a very classic contrast color design, this design also is often used in the restaurant. If the metope of the restaurant is the design of 4 white be born, so use brunet sofa booth will make whole dining room were more style, more clean and quiet. 3, there are a lot of restaurants are modeled on the Nordic design wind, Windows and doors close entirely pure white, it looks simple but elegant and comfortable. This restaurant is a weak paper art sofa, it is best to use simple but elegant of cloth art production booth sofa fabrics. 4, if the wall of the restaurant decorated with color, or decorate compare the patterns of heavy and complicated, so the restaurant use of them is unfavorable choose sofa gorgeous color, otherwise the whole restaurant looks will give a person a kind of mixed and disorderly feeling. The restaurant had better choose the booth of simple but elegant color sofa, sofa or a heavy color. 5, booth sofa although originated from western restaurant, but because of its excellent performance, many Chinese restaurant have also played a booth with sofa. Chinese restaurant, teahouse in the booth of sofa, for example, if want to add a bit of classic lasting appeal, suggest pick the color deeper Chinese style sofa booth. Restaurant with booth sofa modelling is often simple and unified, bar, meeting with the booth of sofa just only focus on modelling. The choice of different restaurant booth sofa is often different choice of material and color.
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