Booth price and grade of the sofa!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Went to a restaurant, a few years ago basically use is mensal chair, now go to restaurant business, restaurant, especially fashion, today's restaurant booth have replaced the visitors are basically in the sofa. It fashion, the atmosphere, comfortable, practical and save space, is the restaurant will be selected. And the booth according to the grade of sofa on the market, the price is also different. Different restaurant use different booth sofa, today is to introduce you to booth price and grade of the sofa. 1, low booth price some lower grade booth sofa sofa generally can see in the restaurant, the booth sofa are mostly single seat design. The overall preference for contemporary and contracted design style, decorate effect and the overall effect of the fast food restaurants is set. But cheap booth sofa production materials are generally, the price also is very cheap, roughly in 100 ~ 200 yuan can be bought. Fast food restaurants use booth sofa rarely have more than 300 yuan. 2, intermediate booth price mid-range sofa booth sofa is applicable to the general restaurant. Unlike fast-food restaurants, fast-food restaurants actually is a kind of pay attention to the efficiency of the restaurant, itself does not hope guests have long occupied a seat, it will affect the profitability of the restaurant. The normal restaurant, on the other hand, their booth sofa more exquisite sit feeling and comfort, to increase the consumption experience. General restaurant, water, bars the use of is the booth of medium class sofa, the price of this booth around 300-600 yuan between. And the modelling of sofa also enriched a lot. Are generally double booth, sofa and arc booth and semicircle booth, etc. 3, high-grade sofa booth price of high-grade sofa booth price about 600 ~ 1000 yuan or so, it is for the whole booth sofa market a higher price. The booth is commonly used in high-end restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop, etc. Because of such businesses are quality and taste requirements are relatively high. And high-grade booth type sofa of beautiful sex and decorative requirements higher, need to be able to foil a integral atmosphere of the restaurant. 4, high-grade sofa booth price one thousand yuan of above booth sofa type belongs to the quality of booth, actually this kind of sofa booth for commercial restaurant are rarely used, mostly in the star hotel lobby and restaurant.
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