Booth only sponge filling the sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-26
Speaking of booth sofa filler, many people turn to the first image is the sponge in the brain, mind out of the second sentence is often: fill your booth sofa is high rebound sponge? Sponge almost became a synonym for guests' seats sofa heart. But small make up to tell you! Booth sofa padding in addition to the sponge, there are many other materials. 1, speaking of sponge sponge is known to all, but if you ask what is the material sponge, the vast majority of people don't know. In fact the official name of the sponge is called soft polyurethane foam. The conventional sponge has good air permeability, flexibility and resilience. In addition to routine and familiar high rebound sponge sponge. The difference between conventional and high rebound sponge sponge actually lies solely with the differences between active phosphorus and polymerase, high rebound sponge with TDI and active phosphorus generation. High rebound sponge is characteristic of high elasticity, the extrusion load. And high rebound sponge mechanical properties and flame resistance were higher than conventional sponge. In addition to the above two kinds of familiar sponge, there is a called hole sponge sponge. Its characteristic is like its name suggests, the space between the sponge size. Disorderly hole sponge has good elasticity and buffer. 2, spun rayon spun rayon is also commonly used a booth sofa filler, general booth sofa configuration of filling in the pillow are called silk yarns. Viscose fill booth sofa is very comfortable to sit sense, softness is good, but because of poor mechanical properties, it is not possible mass filling into the back of a chair of sofa, cushions, otherwise it is difficult to plastic. 3, feather padding don't assume that feather can only be used for down jacket, duvets, oh, is on the sofa booth manufacturing process, the feather is also an important raw material. On the sofa booth production process, the feather usually used together with sponge. It has a comfortable and warm, long-term use of the advantages of little deformation. Of course, because of the high cost down, so only when it is in the production of high-grade sofa booth to use.
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