Booth include sofa structure parsing

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-19
Booth include structure including sofa, wooden frame, fillers, and the three parts. Different from the fabric material, booth include sofa has the hidden structure, not easy to distinguish the quality fit and unfit quality. Today include analytical booth sofa structure for you. 1, many wooden sofa booth are to include solid wood frame, it has higher stability, bearing quality and environmental protection. And of all the booth sofa wood frame, eucalyptus wood is the preferred material of eucalyptus wood booth sofa framework high load and high stability, and the price is relatively cheap. When each eucalyptus wood after polishing, dehydration, in addition to bacteria, mildew and a series of working procedures, made them sofa not deformation, not bred worms, no peculiar smell, and mortise and tenon joint cohesion, interlocking, the compact connection. 2, padding that is so booth sofa buyers are a problem. Booth sofa padding some sponge and some doll with cotton; Which also need trampoline or elastic ( Now match doll cotton elastic design mainstream) 。 Booth sofa filler relations to the booth sofa comfort and durability. Not only need filler material quality itself, is also high to the requirement of process. For example, the elastic strap method and elastic, technology does not pass or fail in the quality is easy to cause the booth sofa elastic is poor, or too hard, comfort is poor. 3, the mat that is what we just said the trampoline or elastic. Traditional booth are generally single spring design sofa, the sofa booth is in use for a period of time after the spring deformation will slowly, and then lead to collapse phenomenon in a sofa, and sofa in use after a period of time will appear, noting, noting the spring friction sound. Booth sofa is commonly used now serpentine spring + elastic double combination design, both through special binding method into the net, so you can make the whole body balanced falls, the weight of the mat, avoids the booth sofa deformation and collapse. Booth, of course, sofa using serpentine spring all did very good anti-rust treatment, ensure no noise and durability
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