Booth custom sofa factory, which price is cheaper?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-04
Looking for cheap booth custom sofa factory, must first understand the booth price influence factors of sofa. Furniture, cost-effective public praise good booth custom-made sofa factory, we to explain booth sofa is cheaper for you! 1, production factors: the introduction of a full set of foreign production equipment, research and development of new production technology, these greatly improves the production efficiency of booth sofa, corresponding, the Labour cost of production per booth sofa, and even the material cost is greatly reduced. This is the important reason for the booth sofa cost-effective. 2, intermediary factors: maybe somebody feels, manufacturers custom will be cheaper, but booth sofa procurement experience people wouldn't think so. Because a lot of times, on the sofa factory customized booth and agents with customized gets stuck in the sofa, its price is not. But in a few time, the so-called factory direct selling more expensive than agent price. Why will appear this kind of phenomenon? This is the factory in order to protect the interests of the agent and make a price adjustment strategy. Because if a manufacturer booth sofa is lower than agent, so will form the internal competition, adverse to the development of the agent. But in many cases, the agent marketing channel are factory important marketing channels, the channels of development obstacle, the factory overall efficiency could be greatly reduced. It is also forcing factory direct pricing generally higher than or equal to the agent. So, generally speaking, on the sofa booth customization industry, so-called & other; Factory direct sale, save the middlemen spreads throughout the &; It's just a slogan, the truth is: factory direct sales, prices are generally higher! Want to buy the real manufacturers selling cheap products, unless the factory insist on terminal direct selling, not development dealer! But that is another problem. That is the factory without developing intermediary many are small mill production, because cannot develop middlemen, so can only direct selling. So have large on the market, and also not development dealer booth sofa manufacturer? Factory although phoenix MAO water chestnut, but there are still some in the market, is one of the best! The meal custom furniture factory is a professional, over the past 20 years, adhere to the terminal direct sales, for customers with cost-effective booth sofa products terminal market.
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