Booth custom sofa factory how to choose?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-05
Booth after sofa into the era of customization, customer purchasing booth way choose products from a sofa into a choice booth sofa factory. This change makes a lot of customers and, in the face of numerous booth sofa manufacturers on the market, customers often have a kind of can't laid hands on him feeling. Small make up today to solve this problem for you, tell you how should choose booth sofa manufacturer. 1, clear requirements whether choose booth sofa products, or choose the booth sofa manufacturer, the guests first to clear their own needs. This is not, of course, customer requirements for design of booth sofa you need, quantity, etc. , at the time of custom booth sofa these can be determined as in the link of product design. Customers in choosing a booth sofa manufacturers need to identify the real question is: do you have what requirements the booth sofa products. 2, procurement cost, in general, custom-built booth sofa final purchase price is determined by three factors: raw material cost, manufacturing cost, logistics costs. So how do we think in terms of the three minimizes booth sofa purchasing cost? Raw material cost: furniture manufacturers in mainland China are centralized, actually this is because the domestic some relatively concentrated region of raw materials, which makes more factories located in these areas. For booth sofa customers located in concentration plant raw materials is better, both in product prices and on the quality of the product. Processing costs: why did you choose booth sofa factories to choose big factory? The reason is very simple, first, the process of the large factory level is higher, lower processing costs, so want to purchase to lower-cost booth sofa products, choose a big factory is a good choice, especially when in mass customization. The need to remember is, need to select is a large booth sofa factory, rather than the famous booth sofa brand. Why, I believe that everyone is clear. Logistics costs: customers customized booth sofa factory, the logistics cost is paid by the customer. So the logistics cost is part constitute the total cost of the booth sofa procurement. So choose your booth sofa factory can choose the best distance is close to the factory, or factory logistics is relatively developed areas.
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