Black walnut table

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-06
Black walnut, cherry, oak, in solid wood eat desk and chair, the eat desk and chair of the several kinds of wood belongs to high-grade furniture products. Made of these wood dining table not only strong and durable, and very beautiful. Don't lose in annatto furniture on quality, it is content with rare for expensive, so the price inferior annatto eat desk and chair. Today is to introduce a new launched Scandinavian minimalist design wind of black walnut products (table Collocation have matching chair, can be combined single buy can also custom) 。 Northern wind characteristics like family, all need this table made of wood, can let a sitting room is full of natural breath, contracted Nordic style is very classic, restoring ancient ways collocation of colour and lustre is looking at very simple sense, also with rich store object space, at ordinary times can be used to receive the things such as magazines, remote control, let a sitting room looks more neat, even small family model is also suitable for small volume. Parsing table using natural material made of the material of black walnut, the material of natural health, use in the home also is very comfortable, won't release harmful substances, and its moisture content is low, so the black walnut of wooden table is not easy to deformation, also has the very good ability to resist corrosion, durable, the core material of black walnut color is gradual change, is slowly from light to dark chocolate, very beautiful. Brand features a stylish home not necessarily unique style of furniture for use as a decoration, is a very good choice, focus on creating professional catering furniture. Wood material is given priority to with black walnut, red oak, retain the original color and texture of real wood, more contracted and fluent line, give a person with concise simple impression, wooden tactility person feels warm and has the connotation, is the pursuit of perfection, pay attention to process the good choice of the crowd.
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