Black walnut eat desk and chair

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-07
Black walnut quality itself, it is a high grade lumber, the black walnut wood makes the eat desk and chair on the aesthetics and the quality of the products are not inferior in the mahogany dining furniture products, is the representative of the high-end eat desk and chair. Today formally introduce the pure real wood and black walnut eat desk and chair. Product features & middot; Completely real wood to build the framework, the structure is hard and durable. · The traditional mortise and tenon joint structure, solid wood. · Chair design accord with human body engineering, rely on more comfortable. Design highlights the eat desk and chair design simple and lightweight, choose to build the framework of natural walnut, combined with traditional mortise and tenon joint process, join natural lumber, without nail, makes the structure of the solid solid, is also very beautiful atmosphere. Chair through the surface of the wood wax coating, colour and lustre is exquisite and rich and had a very good feel, solid wood texture clear, on collocation added romantic and elegant atmosphere for your bedroom. Usage scenario this is a very beautiful shape, fashion of desk and chair of eat of high-end solid wood products, it is suitable for villa, ordinary household, office, hotel, upscale restaurant use. In addition, this kind of high-end solid wood chair also have very good protection value, the black walnut eat desk and chair the collection of the people of household collection are very suitable for hobbies. Is a focus on building dining furniture brands. The production of new Chinese style restaurant tables and chairs, on the basis of Chinese style style, into the modern aesthetic elements and the standard, production out of the atmospheric wind fashionable Chinese style furniture. From design, production and sales are completed by independent brand, formed its own unique brand characteristics. Process flow with high standard requirements, material quality, to treat every product with elegant taste, it is this attitude of excellence has received the general consumer's affection.
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