Bar tables and chairs, stainless steel frame or metal plating good?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-12
Bar tables and chairs are mostly steel frame design, but a lot of people probably don't know, the steel bar table of steel material is not the same, which has two kinds of stainless steel frame and metal plating. So, these two kinds of bar chairs and tables which is better? Tables and chairs are to be highlighted first is stainless steel bar, stainless steel is not never rust, and stainless steel does not mean that a kind of metal, stainless steel refers to a kind of with super corrosion resistant steel. Stainless steel is an alloy, as to it's & other Stainless & throughout; Sex, it depends on the alloy element content in the steel. But while stainless steel is generally has a strong resistance to corrosion, so as to keep the stainless, but it still can grow over time and gradually rust, and rust degree affected by environment. So often stainless steel bar chairs and tables need to wipe, to keep the surface clean and dry, and if the procurement of stainless steel bar chairs and tables are not used immediately, need to pay special attention to storage, bar table and chair of the wipe clean, then put in a dry environment. Need to remember is, stainless steel bar table and chair surface must not corrosive substances residues. Followed by electroplating metal bar table and chair plating is made of metal or other material using electrolytic principles adhered on the surface of the parts of a layer of metal film process to prevent the oxidation of the metal ( Such as rust) , it is equivalent to the bar table and chair frame added a protective layer, the protective layer can not only improve the bar table and chairs against corrosion, also can improve the wear resistance of bar tables and chairs, reflective, and can have the effect of increase is beautiful. Refers to a is used in the manufacturing process of the coin to electroplating technology, strictly speaking, the coin itself is a kind of metal plating. Performance from the coin out hard, wear-resisting, anti-rust properties can see roughly the characteristics of electroplating metal bar chairs and tables. Although electroplating metal bar table and chair has many advantages, but it also has a drawback, that is too reliant on outer layer of the plating layer, once the protective coating is damaged, even if it's just a little bit, bar table and chair will quickly rust and corrosion. To sum up, from the physical properties of the material, a dominant position in the electroplating metal bar tables and chairs, but single from rust and corrosion resistence ways, stainless steel bar tables and chairs.
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