Bar sofa daily maintenance knowledge!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-16
Pub place sofa is suitable for sofa, generally can be divided into bar booth sofa and sofa two ordinary bar. Don't think the sofa in the bar is only applicable to bar, but in many leisure clubs, entertainment such as KTV bar sofa can also be found. Was it a bar sofa today to bring you daily maintenance of knowledge! 1, cloth art sofa bar daily maintenance in addition to the usual bar sofa tidy and clean, bar sofa also need to schedule a weekly dust removal work. Should be a week for bar sofa a dust absorption, not only is the sofa cushion and the back of a chair, sofa armrest and part of the connecting bar aperture place can't leak. Do not use when using vacuum cleaner dust brush absorption function, otherwise it may damage the fabric of sofa. Advice is to use a small type of vacuum cleaner to sofa vacuuming specifically for the bar. Vacuuming only dedusting for bar sofa, sofa for bar contamination in the process of normal use to stain without any help, welcome to go bar sofa also need regular cleaning. But now the cloth art sofa is all can change the design bar. Advice is sofa bar change every quarter of the fabrics is removed at a time. Of course, this also requires a bar owner in purchasing bar sofa when purchasing at least two sets of sofa cover. 2, paper art pub sofa sofa daily maintenance paper art itself has very good waterproof antifouling function, but it is important to note that the man-made leather making bar sofa has very strong absorption ability, so from the sofa leather stain on the surface of the need to remove in time. Bar the daily maintenance of sofa is very simple, need only with a clean wet towel to wipe, then use dry towel dry. If the stain on the surface of sofa, bar wire can also use neutral soap water to wipe, but efforts should be appropriate. Daily paper art bar sofa clean although simple, but is because is the cause of the leather, so you need to regularly with leather softener and leather maintenance of essential oils to maintain. Specific you choose will need to see the bar sofa leather material, can seek advice when custom bar sofa manufacturers. Finally a suggestion is that when the sofa bar appeared the phenomenon of damage, such as the burning of the holes, do not maintain time had better ask professional personage to go to the door handle, avoid handling cause greater losses.
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