Bar and pub sofa whole decoration effect

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-08
Bar is the place where a particular style, to achieve the ideal decorative effect, any part of the bar is not allow to ignore, which bars sofa is key. Below for you on sofa and bar bar the overall decoration effect. Sofa sofa decorative bar in a bar, bar does not generally as the focus of the whole bar window and, therefore, hotel sofa color not appropriate to use bright color such as conspicuous is tonal, the conflict between bar decorate the environment and is not appropriate to use color. But should be used similar color or color and the surrounding environment, so as to ensure the coordination of the whole bar adornment effect. In adornment, bar the comfortableness of sofa or other, these are the additional attributes of sofa bar, as a routine tool, the first attribute of the sofa is its usability. Therefore bar sofa decorate effect is not only embodied in it brings the visual effect, more important is that it brings comfort. Bar to close skin soft sofa fabrics, has excellent touch; Bar the shape of the sofa and the material needs to accord with human body engineering design. Finally, bar sofa also note the following: 1, the material of sofa, bar framework material to high strength, good toughness; Fabric wants downy, close skin; Internal filling sponge need to environmental protection, high rebound. 2, the bar of the sofa structure design is reasonable, should be considered from the Angle of mechanics sofa bearing quality and pressure resistance; 3, bar sofa to consider when purchasing a good if it's convenient do, this is not only related to the service life of sofa, also relates to the bar's daily operating costs.
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