Artificial stone table maintenance method what do you know?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-28
1, man-made stone is more easy to stain, should be less clean water, timing with conservative detergent with a slightly damp cloth to wipe, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth and polished. Damaged serious cases of artificial stone furniture can't handle, velvet nap of usable steel wire is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish, make it restores luster. 2, or use a liquid abrasive cleaner is wiped, carefully use lemon juice or vinegar to clean a stain, but stay in the above time lemon is not up to 2 minutes, best can duplicate an operation when necessary, and then clean and dry. To lighter abrade, usable and special artificial stone cleaner and nurse agent. For old or expensive man-made stone furniture should ask professional processing. 3, to clean, artificial stone table should be washed with water less as far as possible, attached to the artificial stone table dirt on the surface of the oily be soiled, can use first small wet the cloth with mild detergent for single wipe clean, in the process of this cloth can't back and forth to wipe the table, and then use clean dry cotton cloth to wipe, polished. 4, for serious damaged artificial stone table maintenance, can use steel wool to wipe gently, you will be required with electric polishing machine polishing smooth, make artificial stone table back to the previous luster. If is to use a liquid abrasive cleaner, liquid cleaning agent can be used lemon juice or vinegar, such as partial neutral cleaning agent for the processing of surface dirt, when processing should also gently, carefully clean the surface of the stain, and wipe the time should not be too long, and the cleaning agent is best only partial use, in theory, only for those who wipe dirt again. After wiping it must use water to wipe it again, and need to use dry cloth to wipe clean. 5, for artificial stone table maintenance there is another more common method of recrystallization. Recrystallization of artificial stone table maintenance method can make the artificial stone surface back to the first bright, sweet, and the nature. It also can greatly improve wear-resisting degree on the surface of the artificial stone. Of course according to the different material of artificial stone table, recrystallization of artificial stone table maintenance method of maintenance period are also different. Above about artificial stone table afraid of hot artificial stone table characteristics and maintenance method _ furniture to the introduction of the content here is over, hope these can help you, if you want to learn more knowledge of artificial stone table, can continue to focus on dining-room furniture artificial stone table network.
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