American table chair

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-07
American, Japanese, Jane Europe this three styles flourished in China almost at the same time. Especially in recent years, American style design of the furniture products appeared in the more and more places. Small make up to bring us today is the new design is a product of American eat desk and chair. Domestic first introduced American furniture is the villa, club etc. The vast household space and American furniture, elegant atmosphere photograph echo. So American furniture once by the gentry. In many cases it is as a high-end furniture appear in people's field of vision. And after the designer's professional design, combined with domestic native American furniture elements, the design of American furniture products more in line with the aesthetic demand of people, not only applies to more business, home place. Product advantages & middot; Joining together the reserved expansion joints, prevent the table body deformation and cracking. · Streamlined edge decoration, luxury and elegant dining table. Applicable scenario full-bodied real wood is qualitative, elegant fainthearted carved lines, by inside and outside sending out the temperament of classical literature and art, with a few real wood leisure chairs, or covered with a light antependium, cannot cover its aura, beautiful eat mat on the shop, promoted luxury small endowment style easily. Product parsing the whole material, real wood joining together out of the use of expansion joints design in detail, in order to achieve the role of durable without deformation, the edge of the table to do the flap design, soft smooth abnormity edge, edge and sculpture, and four corner of the table do manual work is delicate, make the table more the expensive luxury. Has 20 years of professional experience in desk and chair, sofa, furniture production, focus on commercial furniture customization, and focus on beautiful household brand solid wood chair design, r&d, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. Here we eat desk and chair, the American emphasis on it to American freedom, the natural and plain relaxing way of life, interpretation into the boutique in household furniture, let a person the feeling of American country. 'eat desk and chair are through rigorous material, fine processing, bring physical and mental pleasure shopping experience for customers.
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