American booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-28
Compared to China, and even western European countries, the development of history is very short, and is a typical immigration country. American decorate a style to the American concept of decorate a style to decorate a design incorporates the world, notably the European decorate a style to influence the most. Well, American design wind booth sofa and what are the characteristics? This is the point that we discussed today. 1, concise design wind American furniture, though influenced by European design wind, but on the design technique is rejected the European furniture lines of heavy and complicated, concise design. To this point and booth sofa design concept, it is also American booth sofa is very popular on the market one of the reasons. To be sure, American booth sofa is concise and contemporary and contracted brevity is different, the compact design with American booth sofa is to highlight more of a & other; Nature beauty & throughout; And don't want to too heavy and complicated to decorate the effect of causing a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. So although American booth sofa design concise, but very pay attention to the processing of detail. 2, pure color design American gets stuck in the sofa design often is pure color design, the new American booth, for example, the choice of color is pure blue design. It shows better decoration effect pure and nature. There are, of course, some American booth sofa can design some pattern on the surface of the act the role ofing, this booth are typically American new sofa classical design, wind booth sofa or American industry. 3, pay attention to the comfort of an American furniture more lenient than other similar style furniture, that is a comfort performance. American gets stuck in the sofa design embody the characteristics of American furniture in the dimension design booth sofa more often than other style. Especially the booth width and chair height of the sofa. 4, pay attention to practical Chinese and European furniture tend to appear a lot of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is designed, and the American furniture is different, they oppose all don't fancy design for practical purposes, the more attention to practical design methods. So American booth sofa few special ornamental design, most of the design is not in order to ascend booth is comfortable to sit sense, is to enhance the service life of sofa booth.
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