About the booth of the sofa leather material!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
Booth general skin art booth and cloth art sofa booth, but booth fashion atmospheric modelling and paper art undoubtedly more match! Today to introduce you to is about booth sofa leather material! Booth commonly used leather sofa, have the following kinds: leather ( Rarely used) , microfiber leather, imitation leather, XiPi, green skin. Small make up next is to introduce you to each of these several kinds of leather. 1, microfiber leather, microfiber leather is an abbreviation of superfine fiber simulation sofa leather, also known as bonded leather, pu leather. From the point of quality, quality microfiber leather is a kind of high-grade artificial leather, the leather and leather approximation, but feel is deviation, leather softer, and microfiber leather handle hard. Microfiber leather characteristics are as follows: ( 1) Microfiber leather with heat-resistant, hardy, breathable, ageing resistance, texture is soft and beautiful wait for an advantage, so the booth is the commonly used a leather sofa. ( 2) From the microfiber leather (the full name of Superfine fiber simulation sofa leather) Also, you can see that this is a specially developed for sofa, leather substitute for leather. Therefore microfiber leather manufacture craft and the structure is modelled on the leather to make. Such as microfiber leather surface layer is similar to natural leather grain of the surface structure of polyamine vinegar layers, the bottom is using superfine fiber non-woven fabric, its structure and very similar to natural leather reticular layer. 2, PVC imitation leather: PVC leather we used to say, just be done on the leather surface. Imitation leather quality is determined by its thickness, the thickness of the booth often use of imitation leather sofa is 0. 7毫米,1。 0毫米,1。 5毫米,2。 0 mm, the thicker the quality, the better. In imitation of a pickup truck seat sofa of choose and buy other leather sofa need to be paid attention to when the brightness of the photo. It is worth mentioning that made of imitation leather sofa booth will have more strong smells. 3, XiPi: a gloss and beautiful artificial leather, are similar in look and feel and cowhide, quality of XiPi, difference is very big, high-quality XiPi quality can be in fine leather. 4, green skin: a new type of artificial leather, leather handle and prints are highly simulation.
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