A comfortable restaurant booth should have these conditions!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-10
Buy restaurant booth sofa, the first thing one noticed about has always been its appearance, and as a restaurant booth of choose and buy the first rule. And seem to forget that the sofa is most a kind of the visitors, the use function of it is the first nature. So, restaurant booth sofa of choose and buy, first of all should be noticed is that it use function, as well as the important factors influencing the use function, such as comfort! There are many factors that can affect restaurant booth comfort, such as modelling, such as size, material, even these will affect the comfort of a restaurant booth. And want to meet comfort design under these three points, restaurant booth must conform to the principle of human body engineering design. The first is on modelling; The Angle between the sofa cushion and backrest needs to accord with people's posture habits, in line with the vast majority of people are sitting eating habits; And the radian of back of a chair sofa booth design must accord with human body depend on the structure of the spine. The sofa cushion, back of a chair of the internal filling must maintain a certain flexibility and high rebound, so that the body will not feel discomfort, to sit on and to form the effective support to the human body. The second is the size problem; Restaurant booth mainly includes the following aspects: the size of the restaurant booth of high, deep and wide, back of a chair height, the base and the backrest Angle, back of a chair radian. There is no doubt that any restaurant booth sofa on the one hand, the size of the design of the sofa comfort has a great impact. In fact, the restaurant booth of various size determines the overall shape of the sofa. Finally, the problem of material restaurant booth than normal why eat chair more comfortable? Because of its size more capacious, or because it has a soft surface and soft chair. The restaurant booth want to this kind of comfort to the limit, you need the sofa fabric and padding. Fabrics must have a good touch, close skin, environmental protection, internal padding is needs to have two features soft and high rebound. Thus, a restaurant booth of comfort is not one of the factors, it depends on the design and production of all aspects of the sofa. Want to get a comfortable restaurant booth sofa, from product design to material selection, and then to production and processing, each detail is cannot careless!
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