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by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-04
7 popular restaurant furniture custom-made | king! Abstract: the restaurant furniture custom-made | 7 popular king! As the saying goes the king to the people for the day, while the yen, diners heart, seabed needle. The restaurant's business strength can take hold in the hand? Not impossible. If you carefully studied those popular lined up to god, you will find that their menu there are striking similarities. 1, the outstanding fist products: do a menu with emphasis, food is the soul of the restaurant. A often change dishes or restaurant is often do not have everything. You have to have your own sheet is tasted hot style, let the customer know your fist. When dishes are bold, use color or exaggerated characters, accompanied by pictures, or be with highlighted the box, or indicate the specials, chef's recommendation, add an asterisk, such as they will looks senior and suction eye than other food. 2, consider browsing route: do a train of thought of menu, menu design, many restaurants have ignored the customer's visit. Scan line refers to the eye gaze drawn by a series of sports figure, can be used to study how people read. Most people will follow when read from top to bottom, from left to right order. According to a study in South Korea, a third of the participants would point to attract them to achieve the first dish. So, the restaurant will be the most profitable food on the top right corner, because that is the line of sight of people in the first place. Three dishes to attractive: do an interesting menu, nice to meet you, is the han of the restaurant, the name of the menu options are quite the rocks, such as & other A city & throughout; 、“ The director's suitors & throughout; 、“ You haven't eaten my tofu & throughout; 、“ From the stars throughout the Fried chicken &; 、“ Leave tiramisu & throughout; , let a person have a good appetite. 4, layout design: do a has the tutelage of the menu, the menu is restaurant & other; Face & throughout; , but also the image spokesperson of silent. A refined and moving, tonal and decent, clean and bright, rich connotation of the menu, not only to read, and pleasing to the eye and can enhance the customer's happy mood. How the menu design and era, practicality, beauty and sense of science and technology together, this is also a problem. Some menu is a piece of cardboard, some menu is a thick book, some menu is a letter to the customer, anyway, the point is special, can properly show the brand essence of dining-room, create a unique memory. 5, emotional joint method: do a temperature menu, customers tend to be attracted to the menu with the names of relatives, parents and grandmother, for example, make seemingly mundane items added a nostalgic warm taste. Recently, some nostalgic restaurant, nostalgic dishes is active in the public eye. These dishes with temperature has emotions and dishes, can attract a lot of diners. Such as the popular restaurant on Shanghai & ndash; — 70 after lunch & other; Mother meat steamed egg & throughout; ,“; Grandma Fried rice cakes & throughout; Is a popular item. 6 descriptive language: do a have a menu of the story, the domestic most of the restaurant's menu is very simple, mainly concentrated in the picture, for the description of the dish much rarer. Customers interested in a dish can only asked the waiter, does such consumption experience really good? A menu full of reading and descriptive, more can stimulate the interest of customers, also can deepen the impression. Compared with no descriptive language items, described the dishes will be more attractive, more popular in the customers, and even can also increase sales by 27%. 7, avoid money symbol: make a cold menu, the symbol of money is the customer's sensitive, because it will remind customers they spend money directly. So the restaurant should skillfully avoiding the things that make them on the menu. According to the survey, the price is not to get menu prices customers obviously than those who get marked the customers consuming more. No marked price on the menu, however, clearly not reality. To avoid customer inquiries, can design a series of uniform price. The above seven points hope to help your restaurant popularity, I wish you a prosperous business, bonanza! Mensal chair custom-made find restaurant furniture custom-made experts!
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